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The memory of blood inheritance is very large and complicated, and there are some warnings and examples of memory breaking through to become immortal gods.


The memory of blood inheritance is very large and complicated, and there are some warnings and examples of memory breaking through to become immortal gods. There are countless examples of golden-horned beasts trapped at the peak of the Lord of the world in the past Dynasties. The golden-horned beasts of the world can not be broken through. Many gold-horned giants, some even at the peak of the Lord of the world, are so powerful that they are comparable to the immortal gods, but.. Still trapped in the ninth rank of the Lord of the world, until death. This is what the universe calls the rule of fairness. The more overbearing the race "life" wants to become the immortal God, the difficulty will become the geometric multiple soaring! It is thousands of times easier for human beings to become immortal gods than golden-horned giants. Of course, when humans grow up, they have resources that "can't be compared with the golden-horned beast." I haven't tried to fuse Blood Crystal since I left the Primitive Secret Land. Try it. Luo Feng's eyes lit up as he sat cross-legged. The world within the body chalk. Like a golden-horned beast rolling in the black mountains, it rumbled up. It has been more than ten years since the end of the inheritance of the Demon Sound God. Luo Feng thought that according to the law, a few years would be enough for him to fuse the first blood crystal, but the fact was beyond Luo Feng's expectation. It is extremely difficult to fuse the "OO blood crystal"! Especially the evil spirit, the evil spirit formed by the superposition of four blood crystals seems to cause qualitative change because of quantitative change, and every time Luofeng fails. Sniff. The huge eyes of the golden-horned beast, like two big lakes, stared at the right hooves and claws, which had been cut open,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and blood gushed out like a spring. "Blood Luojing floats directly on the blood." Boom. Before and after the fusion of OO blood Luojing endless Shaqi superimposed fusion, forming a terrible will impact, as if the impact of the turbulent waves, one is stronger and higher than the other, constantly superimposed impact, the former impact has become the pedal of the latter impact,Concealed Flush Valve, constantly accumulating. Luo Feng's will is concise and smooth. This episode is much better than the last one. "It feels like it should hold up." "Hold on." "You have to hold on." For a moment, Luo Feng fell into a state of muddleheaded, even to collapse immediately, but the belief has been holding on. Only when the evil spirit hits a certain limit, can Luo Feng collapse completely. I don't know how long it's been. The endless impact of the evil spirit receded as quickly as the ebb tide, leaving behind a piece of tranquility, and Luo Feng's will to fall into an almost comatose state was almost instantly awake. Damn it, I managed to hold the impact of the evil spirit. Luo Fengxin is ecstatic. Immediately A terrible pain instantly passed through the body of the golden-horned monster and passed on to Luofeng's three body consciousness. "Ah!" Inside the cabin, the earthman himself knelt directly on the metal floor, clasping the metal with his fingers, leaving only some white marks. "The teeth that clenched were bleeding.". The world within the body chalk. Both the Demon Killing Clan Fen Shen and the Golden-horned Giant Beast began to ache crazily. The "Golden-horned Giant Beast", which was the main body of the fusion blood crystal, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Manual Flush Valve, sometimes hit the metal mountains in the world of the body chalk, sometimes tore the earth with sharp claws, sometimes roared with its head up, sometimes howled into the sky, and sometimes dived down and hit the earth. It hurts! It has radiated to the point of breaking consciousness. Hurry up and go. "Get over there!" Luo Feng and the Demon Killing Clan are howling. "Oh," "Whoo!!" The golden-horned beast also roared in pain. Suddenly The huge body of the golden-horned beast, like a mountain rumbling down on the earth, it seems to be extremely tired lying on the earth. This is the most painful time since the fusion of blood Luojing, and more than the fusion of the first copper blood Luojing. There was so much pain that Luo Feng almost collapsed. It finally worked. The golden-horned beast rumbled up, driving the huge blood lurking in the right hooves and claws [Huahua Renewal] Luo's power. Suddenly, the right hooves and claws changed rapidly. The basic composition of bones, muscles, scales and other cellular substances changed rapidly. This change caused the scales on the surface of the golden-horned beast's right hoofs and claws to become extremely tight, slightly stronger, and become dazzling golden! The whole right hooves and claws turn into pure gold! At the same time, the hooves and claws are also covered with dense blood-colored secret lines. The blood-colored secret lines and the golden scales are completely mixed together, forming a very abrupt blood-colored and golden mixed effect. And if the "right hooves and claws," the sharp claws, the secret lines of the wrapped scales and armor are completely combined, it is the head of a roaring beast God statue. A complete picture of the roaring head of the beast God! "Woo.." "When the golden-horned beast stepped lightly on its blood-golden right hoof, it thundered, and the whole earth shook and cracked.". Good, good, terrible. Next to the demon killing clan Fen Shen, the golden-horned monster itself, all stared at the blood-golden right hoof claw after the mutation. PS: The first chapter to ~ Now the monthly ticket ranks second! Keep trying! Chapter 11 Chapter 21 Earth (Second Watch) Only then did Luofeng really understand that he had made a lot of money by getting so many blood crystals on Xueluo 6! Than get part of the magic sound God will inherit the benefits of much greater, of course, mainly because the golden-horned monster gene is more suitable than human fusion blood crystal, otherwise the benefits are not so great. () The result of fusing OO blood crystals surprised Luo Feng. At the time of fusing 99 blood crystals, the right paw of the golden-horned monster fits the original law of the universe more than nine times, and the right paw itself is equivalent to the sum of the original body strength of the golden-horned monster! It is equivalent to a full doubling of physical strength! And at the moment The laws of the universe fit about times as old! Very, very little improvement. But this right hoof claw, this is only one hoof claw, but it is equivalent to the body strength of the entire golden-horned monster before the transformation of a full o times! Yes, from, times to o times! The right paw alone is equal to o times the overall strength of the body before the transformation. Strength completely congealed into one is times! The golden-horned monster's pure body strength is a unit, displaying "the original heaven and earth". Now the second layer of "the original heaven and earth" has become small, reaching about three times,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and the body strength is about 5 units. And then drive the power of Xueluo. On this basis, it has been nearly 55 times. Then use the talent secret method to "strengthen" the right hoof and claw to strike fiercely, reaching nearly o times the most basic body strength! O times! What concept?. cnkexin.com