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On the oxcart, most of the transportation is some spellcasting materials, and a small number of eggs of different creatures.


On the oxcart, most of the transportation is some spellcasting materials, and a small number of eggs of different creatures. In addition. The minerals and some of the staff look magnificent and exquisite, as well as the pure crystal balls and gems used to make special purposes. Even though Anglie had handled a lot of material on the West Coast, he was at the level of a humanoid library, and there were some things that he could not identify. Soon, the three of them went to all the oxcarts. Anglie didn't buy anything, but Liv had a pair of delicate silver-red earrings in her hand. Inside the ruby inlaid on the top, there is a faint flow of glittering silver. It's like injecting mercury into it. Are these the things? Anglie frowned. Are there so many kinds of things that do not enter your eyes? The little old man said helplessly. If that's all you got, forget it. Angelique gave a slight yawn. That's good. The caravan has another one we collected. But there is no way, do not know how to deal with things. See if you like it? Fei Mulin took Angelique and Liv. He went to a carriage next to the oxcart. Gently lifting the curtain, Fei Mulin was the first to get in. Soon, a piece of wood was released and slanted at the back of the carriage as an inclined ladder. Angelique and Liv followed suit. The carriage is very big, almost four or five meters long and wide. Standing three or four people is not a problem at all. There was a man inside, a middle-aged man sitting at a black wooden table, dressed in a black cloak. Lord Kodo, there are two lords who want to see that thing. Fei Mulin whispered respectfully to the man in the carriage. That's all right The man raised his head and glanced at the two of them. Anglie was stunned, and his eyes were completely white, as if he could not see anything at all. But you can really feel the other person's line of sight staying on your body. In the dark carriage, the man's white eyes stood out. He turned sideways and took out a small silver jewelry box from a large black iron box on the side. Pow! The jewelry box was opened on the table. A colored powder slowly flowed out of it, like a thick liquid. Flow to the desktop. These colored powders are made up of a large number of small colored squares, but the volume is too small. Each cube is only the size of a soybean. A large number of colored squares, Cold Drawn Tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, flowing slowly on the desktop, soon wriggled, forming a fat child shape. The child is sitting on the table. One hand seemed to be in the position of the mouth, biting the fingers. Queen Christine Rubik's Cube.. "Liv behind Anglia suddenly made a sound.". Anglie and the others in the carriage immediately focused their attention on her. You know this thing? Angri looked at her sideways. Uh Liv nodded. "I've seen it somewhere before. I can't remember exactly where it was. It was many years ago.". But I remember the name. "What's the use?" Angri continued to ask. He looked back at the child on the table and watched him crawl around the table with a curious look. I do not know. The Queen's Rubik's Cube has never had a fixed role and needs to be explored by herself. But generally, it doesn't work very well, so you don't have to hope too much. It's the legacy of some ancient sorcerer from some unknown world. Liv shook her head to show that she didn't know. Anglie touched his chin. "Make an offer." Fei Mulin burst out laughing. Then fifteen magic crystals? "At most five magic crystals, but I haven't seen them since I bought them." Anglie made a counteroffer. This, we also harvest 8 magic crystals, you bargain too hard, right? How much do you think about the travel expenses and hard work we have traveled so far? The two men began to bargain. He talked in the carriage for more than ten minutes before finally setting the price-6 magic crystals. 309 Eve 2 Anglie walked out of the carriage with the Rubik's Cube box. Looking at the goods for so long, the sky has been slightly partial to the afternoon. The yellow sun slanted between the motorcades. Uh-huh, uh-huh. As soon as I got off the carriage, a clear hum came from a carriage not far away. Angelique turned to look. On the side of the open door of a carriage sat a comely girl of seventeen or eighteen with black hair. Her legs were long, and she wore brown moccasin boots and tight blue and black jeans that resembled jeans. There were a few breaks in the trousers, revealing a pair of long, round legs with almost perfect lines. The girl held a small white flower in one hand and put it in front of her nose, smelling it gently and carefully. Under the setting sun, she wore a light white gauze coat and a black waistcoat jacket. The whole body is dyed into the same tone by the dim light, with a faint special amorous feelings in the distance. Anglie looked at the girl, and for a moment his thoughts drifted to nowhere. I don't know what I thought of, but I was a little absent-minded for a moment. It was the daughter of a family who was traveling with the caravan. We met by chance some time ago. Fei Mulin stepped out of the carriage, noticed the various lines of sight, and quickly took the initiative to explain. If you are interested, I can go to.. "No, having a lot of things doesn't mean it's good." Andre shook his head slightly. "Let's go. It's almost time to go back." Liv followed him, gave him a faint look,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and said nothing. Angri threw the Queen's Rubik's Cube box in his hand. It was the only thing he felt in the caravan that seemed to be related to the spirit body. You can take it back and study it. It's not that he hasn't seen this kind of thing before, but he hasn't put all his energy in this direction. I didn't buy it and spend time studying it. The subject of spiritual body has always been a difficult problem for many wizards to overcome. Many rules and regulations are completely inapplicable to the spirit body. And the trouble is. The rules and formulas used the day before are expected to lose their effectiveness the day after. There is no statistical induction at all. Anglie took the lead in the direction of the villa, with Liv following behind him. Inside the villa fence. The two maids came out and quickly opened the entrance to the fence. Angri had only just walked a few steps into the fence. He heard a sudden clear cry behind him. cbiesautomotive.com