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Gathering her internal strength, she sent her voice to the other's ear and said,wire mesh decking, "Liao Fan, as a Buddhist disciple, you have been convicted by Heaven for committing the crime of fornication. Now you have sent Lei Gong Dian Mu to take your life!" 。


Xie Jingchen raised an eyebrow, listen to the meaning of this wench, how is it like saying that he brought it on himself? He put down his pen, got up and took a few steps closer to her. He looked sideways at her shoulder and raised a faint smile. "I didn't see the butterfly, but your Highness just said that it was hard to endure. So that's what happened." “……” What is a hundred mouths can not be argued, today can be regarded as an insight. A Jiu frowned. This man had already decided that he had done it on purpose. Even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he could not wash it. He was dumb and ate Coptis chinensis. There was no place to say! The most exasperating thing is his unstained posture out of the mud. Think about it seriously. Has he touched her less often? How every time he is in the right, is simply bullying, the loss is clearly whether she is good or not! Feeling upset, she dejectedly drew a circle on the ground with her toes. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at Xie Jingchen and caught a glimpse of him frowning like cinnabar. As soon as she was stunned, she fixed her eyes and looked carefully, only to see that the position between his eyebrows was really congealed with a touch of light scarlet, and when the wind in his eyes flowed, it seemed that he could pull out a river of wind, flowers, snow, and moon. It was the Rouge on her lips that was so beautiful and soul-stirring! A Jiu wanted to laugh but did not dare to laugh, so he could only hold back, making the expression on his face particularly grotesque. When the late emperor was on the throne, he doted on Concubine Wan and made up for her with peach blossoms between her eyebrows. Elegant love affair was a much-told story, and even peach blossom makeup was popular for a long time. Xie Jingchen's facial features are extremely delicate, and now his eyebrows are a little red. At first glance, he really has the romantic charm of a beautiful woman. She felt funny and stared at him without blinking. He was so unhappy that he frowned at her. "What's there to see?" A Jiu did not intend to tell him,shuttle rack system, because he only pretended to cough twice, turned his head to one side and chuckled, as if he was in a good mood, muttering to himself: "It's so beautiful." Prime Minister Xie is usually overbearing and insufferably arrogant. He feeds his minions and controls tigers and wolves. It's time to eat. A big man with a little Rouge to see people, or his identity, is really interesting to think about! A Jiu turned his head sideways, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, elegant and fresh,mobile racking systems, like a comfortable wind in the mountains, which could blow ripples. Her smile came into his eyes, and for no reason at all, he smiled, and with a smile on his lips, he quickly withdrew his gaze from her face and sat back at the table, glancing at her and then at the ink table. A Jiu was indeed the servant girl of the prime minister's mansion, and in a twinkling of an eye he understood what he was indicating, because he went to the table and continued to resume his old business. Her right hand was injured, so she could only use her left hand. She carefully stood the ink ingot in the inkstone and slowly grinded it, while looking at the Buddhist sutras he had transcribed on the rice paper. The sutras in the Empress Dowager's Palace were all written in Sanskrit. She didn't know Sanskrit, and after trying for a long time she didn't understand a word. She couldn't help but feel bored. As soon as she turned her eyes to Xie Jingchen, he wrote with his eyes down. The sunlight outside the window illuminated half of his white and flawless face. The high bridge of his nose rose and fell slightly in the eye sockets, but it was not contrary to the continuous mountains. A Jiu blinked and touched his nose. Just as he was thinking, the man at the other end raised his eyes to look at her. His face was as indifferent as water. He asked in a deep voice, "Your Highness is very interested in me." She was choked, looked at him, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, his face was full of disbelief, do not understand how this always aloof and arrogant people can say such shocking words, but also in such a serious tone! Some of her can not understand, secretly this person is not what is wrong today, how not to play cards according to common sense? Had to frown and ask back: "How can adults say that?" Xie Jingchen was not in a hurry to answer, glanced at the chair beside her and let her sit down, then looked at her face carefully. A Jiu stiffened and let him look at him. After a while, he finally couldn't help it. "What are you always staring at me for?" He asked. As he spoke, he rubbed the back of his hand against his cheek and asked suspiciously, "Is there anything dirty on my face?" As soon as he looked, the vermilion between his eyebrows dazzled him. Suddenly he leaned forward and approached her. The faint fragrance suddenly changed from thin to thick. It was clearly a clear smell, but at this time it was as strong as wine. A Jiu did not expect that he would suddenly approach, only to feel that his breathing was wrong, and his body leaned back unconsciously. Don't move. "Xie Jingchen's voice was very light, soft as if she was afraid of breaking a dream. Her thick eyelashes trembled slightly, and his impeccable face was reflected in her clear pupils, from far to near.". Unknown things are the most terrible, because they do not know what he is going to do, so they are particularly perturbed. A Jiu was as stiff as a stone. He stared at him and saw his hand stretched out. The temperature of the fingertips was still the same as in memory, so cold that people shivered and remained unchanged. It brushed over her smooth face, soft but ambiguous. The place on his chest seemed to have been burned by something. His eyebrows and eyes were close at hand, and the breath he exhaled was mixed with a faint fragrance. It was as cold as frost and snow, but it was like lighting a fire on her face, which made her brain swell. A Jiu looked at Xie Jingchen with a red face and timid eyes, like the eyes of a deer. Never seen him like this, this look is too strange, strange to let a person fear. She heard the thunder in her chest, rumbling, rumbling, and it seemed that the next moment it would jump out of her throat, and for a moment she forgot where to put her hands and feet. The early sweat in the palm was wet, and it was greasy as if it had been smeared with flower oil. Within his square inch, she straightened up and dared not move, for fear that he would do something out of line in the blink of an eye. However, he retreated in the next moment, the faint breath floated away, and her body, which had been straightened for a long time, finally relaxed a little and exhaled. Near noon, the sun is getting bigger and bigger, green wood in the courtyard, cast into a few mottled thin shadow, will be good across his eyes. In the blur of light and shadow, his eyes are as deep as deep, pure and indifferent, as if they had never risen to the slightest wave. Looked at her, as distant as ever, without sorrow or joy. A Jiu palpitated, and if it weren't for the faint coolness of his fingertips on her face, she almost thought that she had just had a daydream before. Then his eyes moved away from her face, and the purple hair dipped in ink fell on the rice paper, saying indifferently,warehouse storage racks, "If you really feel bored, you don't have to keep it." When she heard this, she was stupefied. "Does your excellency mean I can go?" She asked. 。 jracking.com