Chi Xiang Gong (Quan)

There were two beams of light on the left and right sides of the stage, which were not dazzling, cold and bright, like moonlight, interwoven and projected on the stage, so the whole stage was lit up. The stage floor is clear light blue, quiet like a pool of water,Magnesium Oxide price, and


Category sneer, "Fengshen is not around you, what else can you do besides brute force?" "Humph." The heart scowled, "the heart hates you, and sister Xiaoyu hates you, too.". You used to bully Xiaoyu's sister and make her as sad as Jane before. The flower sisters all hate you! "Xianggong?" "Why did the fool suddenly turn away?" Luo said with a slight frown? He frowned. "What are you going to say?" "Everybody hates you, everybody lets the heart help them take out their anger!"! Sister Xiaoyu, Sister Prynne, Sister Furong, Sister Hibiscus. Just when Luo was worried that his husband would be exhausted to death by a long string of "sisters", he raised his arms and shouted, "Come on!" As soon as I frowned, I saw a surge of flowers in all directions, gathering together, and the flowers contained a burning benefit, which was my own attack. He jumped to the end of the tree and said in a deep voice, "Those who cultivate their own way don't offend the well and the river. Do you really want to listen to a mortal and tear your face?" "Hum, the sisters have long wanted to beat you.". You hurt a lot of their sisters, you should fight, is the heart of the sisters to call them! "They are no match for me." "Oh.". That The heart scratches the head, "the wolf elder brother, the wolf elder sister,Magnesium Sulphate price, you go to help the flower elder sisters." Chapter 39 Involving Jun Tong 1. Updated March 13, 2009 14:49:00 Words: 1468 Flowers and plants are singing, animals are all, all things are ready to start, if the war really starts, this mountain will really be destroyed. Fan Ying rushed to Luo's side and said eagerly, "Do you really want to see the two of them fight?"? Swords have no eyes. It's not your wish to hurt anyone, is it? Luo Jue sighed,caustic calcined magnesite, "in your opinion, how can we be good?"? You should understand that what I said was good was to let your father go and let me live in peace with my family. “…… Are you really so determined to leave dad? Without a trace of nostalgia? "If I had, I would not have left in such a tragic way." Luo's hand fell on Fan Yingxiang's shoulder, and his eyes were full of hope. "You said you wanted to help me, but now you can help me, OK?" What else can we do? Although that trace of selfishness has also made her want to stay "Niang", but if forced to stay, the family not only can not be complete, but also may lead to enmity. At that time, it will be the greatest harm to everyone. In your opinion, how can we make Dad really let go? "In fact, he is somewhat disheartened at the moment, but he is still unwilling to let go. What he needs is only a reason without any change to make him accountable to himself." "No reason to turn around?" Fan Ying's eyes dodged and her expression was sad. "I can't hurt my father. My father is also bitter." "So, do you want your mother to come back and be hurt by your father?"? Or do you think your father will mend his ways and the prodigal son will return? Not to mention the number of possibilities, even if it is true, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, will your mother accept it with pleasure regardless of the past? "I.." Fan Ying was speechless. Which is more important, your father's injury to your mother or Hang Nianyan's injury to you? "This.." Is there no comparison? "Maybe." "Your father will not harm your mother's life, but it is in Ling Chi to cut your mother's soul, so, for many years, she is still dead.". When you are about to be burned, she will not only free herself, but also let you remember who killed your loved one, so that you can stay away from the man who will inevitably bring you harm. A dead heart, and you want her to come back to life and continue the years of the living dead? Fan Ying hung her head and did not speak, but Luo Yan stopped lobbying and went to the side of the heart that was more balanced with the four eyes of the category. "Xianggong, you are here. Who will take the soul grass for Jane?" "Smelly old man and Wan Su will give Jane to eat. Brother Feng and Uncle Feng are letting Xiao Huang blossom." Luo Yan ran, "Xianggong arranged so properly, the award." "Oh.". ” "You.." he said, gnashing his teeth as his forehead jutted. Can you really call this fool Xianggong with that voice and that appearance?! "Didn't you guess the purpose of my obedient departure?" "I just want to use this face, this body to do things that make you give up.". If I have the chance, I don't mind destroying this body that should have been destroyed long ago. "You dare!" He said with a sudden expression of hostility between his eyebrows. Luo Yan raised his eyebrows and smiled. "So in your heart, your wife's shell is heavier than her soul," he said. No wonder that in her lifetime, you brazenly abused her mind, but after her death, you carefully kept the body. The face of the category is instantly stiff and cold. Xianggong. Luo Jue held the hand of the heart, "there is no need to fight with him.". In any case, the past has been unable to turn around, why bother to let the sisters start again? Just remember the lessons from the past. You tell everyone to stand down and let's go. "Oh." The heart and ready to go "people" communication for a long time, after everyone dispersed, and to the category way, "the heart of the wife back, I will let the wind grandpa will send your wife back, the heart as long as their own wife oh." "Stop, stop." Within the category, there is already the color of burning chaos, but the more calm it is to enunciate. Heard but did not hear, hand in hand two people directly forward. I said, stop. The suppressed voice, which was on the verge of breaking out, did not make the two men stay a little. Burning chaos turns to frenzy, and within the right palm of the field, the sword reappears. Dad, you can't.. Ah Fan Ying threw herself against each other and was pushed out by her father with a sleeve wave. The category offensive does not make any pause, the person and the sword melt into a snowy light and shadow, the sword gas is cold, is the heart after the heart. To this, Luo Kui has been on guard, thin shadow flash, block in the back of XiangGong. With a sneer, the sword suddenly deviated from the moment it reached the front, and at the same time, it pushed her three feet away with the sleeve wave,dap diammonium phosphate, and the left palm hidden in the sleeve came out and hit the back of the heart. Chapter 39 Involving Jun Tong 2. Updated March 13, 2009 14:50:00 Words: 1,651.