Spiked Caestus who wields the Elden Ring gold possesses a True Combo that is exceptionally harmful

It is plain to see that the heavy Cesters housed in the 82 power building have attained 479 AR, which represents a very respectable level of damage output


It is plain to see that the heavy Cesters housed in the 82 power building have attained 479 AR, which represents a very respectable level of damage output. You can also launch a full-on assault with a series of continuous punches. You can use a heavy punch to get a roll, continuous light punches and heavy punches, Wef you can break your opponent with a heavy boxing that causes extremely high damage and quickly shout to Gigas, You can use a heavy punch to get a roll, continuous light punches and heavy punches, You can use a heavy punch to get a roll, continuousWe saw in the content that he used this combination, and we also saw that he lost weight; he told me that it was very good for his body and that it contributed to his weight loss. Because we made use of Elden Ring runes in some of his streams, we are eager to give buy Elden Ring runes a shot. We will now demonstrate a boxing weapon, and we intend to fortify it with blood flame. By doing so, we will be able to achieve a greater amount of blood loss, due to the fact that the weapon already causes a certain amount of blood loss on its own; alternatively, we may employ something analogous to the crag blade asher board in order to achieve enhanced sound damage.


It's hard for us to say which of these options will be successful. We have ritual shield amulets that will strengthen my defense; however, until we score our first hit, it is possible that we will drop Alexander's pieces in order to boost the amount of damage that war ash deals. What we have to say about this Estus is something that we find to be quite appealing.

Hello, sir. We are debating whether or not to do the Crag Blade. It's to your benefit to really trade wef.

Quicken your steps and push your speed. To attack me honestly at this time is really appreciated. All that's left to do is use this weapon to launch an assault on the other side. The weather is very interesting. We are not aware of the extent of the damage that we have caused. Oh, we completed this task.

It is very attractive. Perhaps it's to buy some time before a jump attack, so that a running lamp can finish it off. Indeed, I find it to be quite fascinating. Is it possible for him to completely eliminate the thrust attack? There is a cough here. Hello, I have a cough. During the most recent match, I had an epiphany about what I had been doing. I had already begun to duel. We believe that we have a rollover there; that's interesting to note. All that is required of us is a tap. Because there was a reasonably good chance for him to catch the ball, we deliberated whether or not to roll under his own cover. So, shall I ask you this: are we going to Najinata? We can finally take a breather and relax here. However, the fight is very interesting, the cough is interesting, the figure is two katanas, and we might switch to a double spear if necessary. Hello, would you like to play my own, if you please, sir? We are able to retrieve it straight away. Clearly, we didn't hold off on giving him a good thrashing for very long.

1300 points of damage is an excellent amount, and we are willing to accept diving. Diving deals a lot of damage and is not at all problematic. We believe that to close the gap in this manner, jumping attacks are the way to go. We believe, but we are absolutely certain that they will avoid getting caught in jumping attacks there. We are obligated to point out that the pace of the line inside the arena is far too quick. We have Pan here, so there you go. Hello,Pan, what are your thoughts?

This dress has a lot of interesting details. It appears that Wet is going to be on his plate. It seems that he is on the lookout for a chance to improve his thrust attack by exchanging it for something else that features thrust.

We aren't sure, but it seems like he might be looking to make a deal. Targeting those with fist weapons. It is absolutely necessary for us to become accustomed to manually aiming heavy weapons in order to be able to run. You are no longer able to aim. Hello,Lin Tomb Arena.

I'm Charles, and I'm feeling pretty down today. Oh, Charles, you're such a downer. We have the impression that he doesn't want me to level up, but it's possible that he'll give me the room I require to level up now. This is the result you can expect. You will receive some blood from us.

Absolutely, the act of tracking is quite fascinating. We have Mr. Bull here with us today. We believed that we did not use any fist weapons in the drinks served to the elderly. We believe that Kaila Arena might be my most beloved Pinggu. Oh, my goodness, this might be very peculiar.

Hello, Pinggu. It stands to reason that the magic chip caused him some kind of harm. Unfortunately, if one does not have armor, it is difficult to deal with Eldon's ring. This is especially true considering that one will be broken with each blow.

Hello, God killer. You can easily get away from it now, man, after you've shown that you can attack R2 very effectively, and We enjoy jab very much. Hello, you have recently become my expression. This is simply due to the fact that We tend to be a little bit slothful. To tell you the truth, these fights are very fast, the weapons are very powerful, and the potential for the amount of damage they can deal has increased significantly. As we move on to the next game, there is a wizard nearby named Suki, and we like the sound of that name. Just take a seat. The moon is your downfall due to the fact that you are able to easily punish it in 1v1 and team games, despite the fact that we are able to surprise you, despite the fact that now we have Jack the Ripper, Jack, and we will give him a beautiful bow.

We can't allow that to happen easily, and we won't back down from our aggressive stance. However, if you don't do this, we believe the spear will attack in a less than ideal manner. We are pleased to announce that we have a guru in the field of column writing.

Despite the fact that this is very interesting, we were actually in the U Palace during the first invasion. To tell you the truth, take a look at our buff. You should be aware that there is some blood on the fire. We have mcgoo that is fighting. We also serve in the military, and as you can see from my fist weapon, we have a strong desire to refer to the moon as the great sword Moonville. Wow, that's awful, we certainly do apologize, but please hold on, we're almost done. Clermore, what do you have to offer? It appeals to us quite a lot. The decision that we make to execute a significant number of jump attacks here is one that we enjoy. We consider it to be of foreign origin. You certainly have the blues.

Blue,You are going to receive this bubble from us. Stomping out the storm is what we believe needs to be done. That pretty much sums up how I feel about bubbles. They can be erected with a minimum of effort. To tell you the truth, we are in agreement with you.

To tell you the truth, yes, the anti-light roll that is most effective is theLet me get it out there that what we see here makes buy Elden Ring Runes PS difficult to really track and trade. Who is this steamed ham going to be when it next invades my Dragon Barrow in grail? They are going to give their full attention to dueling from now on until this issue has been resolved. Because the aura is still seeping into Grace, we believe that they have not yet activated it. Perhaps we will try to use a bloody finger to activate it, and then we will discover that  will transport me back home. Oh, Shane, that's quite fascinating to hear. Thanks for sharing. Here, we get into fights with some of the audiences.

We consider them to be the equivalent of three hundred and sixty youngsters who joke around and try to sound intelligent in order to ward off flies

- Sorry about that

- Yes, despite the fact that it can be challenging to locate a host in the open world of Wet if you do not have a compass

- They can also be concealed within an object if necessary